Featured Testimonials

Joanna’s approach to yoga and meditation is accessible to everyone at all levels.  Because of that, students at all levels enjoy practicing with Joanna. The benefits and healing that comes from these practices are different and unique to each student.  

Read what Joanna’s students have to say about their experiences.

I never thought in my whole life I would ever identify with yoga. Thank you for making it accessible to me at this time. I have always been so “compressed” and your class is actually “decompressing” me as I leave each time more and more open.
— Carol Robins, Yoga Student

I’ve found it difficult to find a yoga class that best suits my needs as a competitive athlete... I had been reluctant to add one more thing to my schedule, but have found that just one yoga class a week has seriously impacted my ability to recover and re-set both physically and mentally.
— Sarah Barkley

I loved how you structured your workshop - perfect balance of discussion, lecture and partner work…[Joanna] is so personally delightful. It was my honor to have met you. Your mastery of yoga was amazing.
— Vikki Wallace

Joanna Dunn is so much more than a yoga instructor. She’s an educator and her ability to create a supportive environment in the class facilitates learning and growth. Her teaching style is nurturing and caring, which results in a sense of trust and safety that is critical for growth.
— Christina Winholt Raccuia

I think that the lesson I learned was how valuable it is to take yourself out of your everyday life, and out of your ‘comfort zone’...The sessions just flew by….I didn’t want them to end. This is very different than my normal yoga classes where I often ‘watch the clock!
— Cindy Nightengale

I expected to have an immersive experience where for one week I was removed from my daily life, all the distractions and I could focus on yoga, quiet time and fabulous conversations. All my expectations were exceeded...
— Jane Broderick

I can feel the benefits of this week-long retreat of yoga and wellness-focused living…I want to maintain as much of this lifestyle as possible in my busy life. I learned from one of her workshops how I can incorporate yoga into my schedule daily, without having to change my entire daily life.
— Janis Houghton

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect but chose to be open-minded and try new things while at the retreat. I had no meditation experience and the thought of silence until 7:30 was beyond my comfort zone. On the first morning when the silence was broken I understood the importance of embracing the experience.
— Jessica Blackburn

This is exactly what I needed in a time in my life when I’ve been feeling stuck and a little dark. It’s been such a joy. My intention was re-set, rededicate and rebirth and I think I will carry my experience with me when I return to my life and many responsibilities. It’s been an absolute joy for me to be here this week, in this space with these people.
— Kathleen Sheets

I keep coming back because this is the most relaxing week of my year. Great food prepared for you, housekeeping, yoga in beautiful places. All I have to do is enjoy!
— Zondra Schuster