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Saturday, November 9 | 2:00-5:00pm in Leavenworth

Yoga and the Sacred Bone

The sacrum, or “holy bone”, is located at the base of the spine, fitting neatly into the two bones of the pelvis like a puzzle piece. The sacrum is the bone that translates the weight of our upper bodies and our spine to the hips, legs, feet, and, ultimately, the ground. Thus, it connects us to both earth below and sky above, helping us to stand up and resist gravity. 

Important, powerful muscles of action and posture connect directly and indirectly to the sacrum. Strong connective tissue and ligaments serve to stabilize the sacrum’s relationship to the pelvis, but also allow for a fluid buoyancy rather than a static connection between the three bones. At the bottom of the sacrum lives our coccyx, our vestigial tail which in other vertebrates creates further connection to the ground, is used as a tool for movement and communication. 

Energetically, the region of the sacrum relates to the region of the first and second chakras as well as the home of apana vayu, the downward moving energy in the body. Mula Bandha (root lock) resides in the pelvic floor which connects directly to the sacrum and coccyx.

In yoga, when we move with an awareness of the sacrum, our poses can become balanced with both levity and rootedness. A well-positioned sacrum can help to bring us into deeper states of quietness in our seated meditation practice. And in daily life, positioning and movement of the sacrum can greatly affect our posture, ease of movement and back health. 

In this workshop, we will explore

  • The energy body: First and second chakra qualities. Mantra and practices to connect us to the region of Apana Vayu

  • Anatomy and Kinesiology related to the sacrum

  • Somatic movement, alignment-based yoga and partner work to create awareness of the sacrum specifically but also the other bones, muscles and connective tissue that relate to the sacrum.

  • A brief overview of common injuries related to the sacrum (Please note that this is not a workshop on Sacroiliac Dysfunction and we will not have time to look at individual issues.)

This practice is open to all levels. Beginners through Yoga Teachers in Training are welcome. This workshop will be held at Evolve in Leavenworth.

3 hours (will include a 15 minute break)

$55 early bird (register by October 20)

$65 late bird

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