Online Resources

Don’t have time for a retreat, workshop, or class? Watch some of Joanna’s on demand yoga videos and and enjoy a yoga class on your own.

Gentle Yoga for the Legs, Hips and Spine Yoga Series

This is a very simple, gentle series done entirely on the back to loosen up the legs, hips and spine. Tune into this 30 minute practice for a rejuvenating practice.

Filmed at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Leavenworth, WA.

Instruction to Core Yoga Series

This 15 minute video will give you an overview of what muscles are important to the core. Build awareness of the layers of muscle through posture and movement. The practice is presented for a variety of levels of student. Not a practice video per say, but more of a basis for creating your own core strengthening practice.

Yoga Retreats with Joanna Dunn

Meet Joanna Dunn, yoga teacher from Leavenworth, Washington. Using her own words and those of her students, her unique teaching style is described as accessible, yet challenging to a wide range of students. Filmed during a one-day retreat at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in October 2014.