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Upcoming Retreats


Joanna Dunn’s retreats use the power of movement, breath, and meditation to facilitate and help the body heal. Yoga shouldn’t just be for the fit and the young, it should be accessible for everyone. And it is.

The approach to teaching yoga and meditation should be versatile, personal, and customized to whoever is experiencing these powerful practices. This is why Joanna started leading retreats, to welcome anyone who was curious about the benefits of yoga and meditation and to offer approachable, thoughtfully sequenced, and safe practices to all levels of students.

Everyone needs retreat. Whether you only have time for one day or you'd like to travel abroad for a week, you'll experience deeply personalized practices at every retreat

Methow Valley Yoga Retreat
February 8-10, 2018

Ski right outside your front door and enjoy yoga, meditation, in the wilderness. Shop and eat amazing food in a winter wonderland.

Orcas Island Yoga Retreat
March 28-31, 2019

Soak in an outdoor hot tub while enjoying all the sights that the San Juan’s have to offer. Practice meditation and yoga in one of the most beautiful places in the PNW.

Red Rocks Yoga Retreat
April 6-13, 2018

Take a break from your busy life and slow down in Red Rocks national park. Amazing resort amenities and geological wonders are waiting for you in this national haven.


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Joanna’s Teaching Philosophy

Joanna’s teaching style tends to attract students who are looking to slow things down,  who are curious and want to build intelligence in their bodies and wisdom in their minds. Joanna’s retreats and classes go in depth into many topics surrounding yoga: anatomy and kinesiology, history of yoga and philosophy, how to keep oneself safe and build health through the practice, and meditation.


About Joanna

A yoga teacher since 2001, Joanna’s background is eclectic. She teaches a variety of styles, including beginner level alignment, a Level 2 slow paced Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative as well as somatic movement and meditation. Her teaching is influenced by Iyengar-based teachers, Judith Lasater (Restorative yoga), Kathryn Payne (Pranayama) and Theresa Elliott (alignment, sequencing, and Vinyasa).



I never thought in my whole life I would ever identify with yoga. Thank you for making it accessible to me at this time. I have always been so “compressed” and your class is actually “decompressing” me as I leave each time more and more open.
— Carol Robins, Yoga Student