Cindy Nightengale Testimonial

Cindy Nightengale, 50  | Toronto, Canada

Please describe your retreat experience considering the expectations you had when you registered.

I was nervous about doing a yoga retreat as I would not call myself a dedicated yoga enthusiast.  I was so surprised to discover how much I enjoyed doing yoga multiple times a day!  Joanna is an absolutely amazing teacher.  Attentive, technically strong and enjoyable to be with.  The sessions just flew by….I didn’t want them to end.  This is very different then my normal yoga classes where I often ‘watch the clock’! 

What aspects or components of the retreat did you most enjoy and why? (Sunrise meditation, Morning Silence, Writing “assignments”, Morning Yoga, Workshops, Afternoon Yoga, Evening Meditation)

I really enjoyed the sunrise meditation.  It was magical to see the beauty of the rising sun and set a mood of serenity that stayed with me throughout the day.

What is one lesson (or more!) that you will take away from your experience?

I think that the lesson I learned was how valuable it is to take yourself out of your everyday life, and out of your ‘comfort zone’.  Being in a remote area of Costa Rica, with monkeys swinging in the trees and exotic birds everywhere made me really feel changed and rejuvenated.  I was able to spend time thinking about many things that I never get time to contemplate in every day life.

Describe your experience with the other retreat participants.

I was inspired by seeing so many woman of varying ages and backgrounds dedicated to fitness and to their personal development.

To whom might you recommend this retreat (at Blue Osa) or other retreats with Joanna?

For me Joanna would be the key to the success of any retreat.  I would recommend any retreats that Joanna was leading to my friends…no matter what their level of yoga experience has been in the past.

Anything else?

I can’t wait to do this again!