Jane Broderick Testimonial

Jane Broderick, 50+  |  Toronto, Ontario Canada

Jane and her long-time friend Janet joined Joanna for their first retreat in Belize in 2014. At that time, they were joining the retreat “blind” without having ever met Joanna. Since then, they have regularly attended an annual retreat with Joanna almost every year, joining in for retreats in Tulum and most recently in Costa Rica.

Joanna is special person.  She’s caring, calm and she listens.  Over the 3 retreats that I’ve experienced she continually improves and shares it with her students.  She’s working from the crack of dawn to the end of the day,  looking out for her students to ensure they are enjoying themselves and all their needs are met.   If you are looking for a get-away to regroup,  be active, enjoy the company of like-minded folks, then come on a retreat with Joanna…. you won’t regret it!

Please describe your retreat experience considering the expectations you had when you registered.

I expected to have an immersive experience where for one week I was removed from my daily life, all the distractions and I could focus on yoga, quiet time and fabulous conversations.  All my expectations were exceeded.  This is my 3rd week long yoga retreat with Joanna and she makes it.  She’s a professional, experienced, caring and knowledgable.  And she has a sense of humor and likes to laugh and connect with her students.

What aspects or components of the retreat did you most enjoy and why? (Sunrise meditation, Morning Silence, Writing “assignments”, Morning Yoga, Workshops, Afternoon Yoga, Evening Meditation)

I love sunrise mediation.  I always wonder why I don’t do this is my daily life since it’s spiritual, relaxing and places me in a positive frame of mind. 

What is one lesson (or more!) that you will take away from your experience?

Joanna always offers options.  Yoga is a life long experience.  Anyone can do it.

Describe your experience with the other retreat participants.

During one week you form special relationships with other participants.  I’ll always remember the first retreat I attended in Belize and the long lasting impact the group of 12 had on me.  I can remember our shared experiences.  We laughed a lot!

Would you like to comment on the location – Blue Osa – the food, excursions, surrounding area, rooms, common areas, yoga space, pool, beach?

For Blue Osa:  the location is remote, more than in Belize and in Tulum.  I loved, loved the yoga room.  And the central eating area was also fabulous:  the music, bar, seating area was open, relaxing and encouraged interaction.  The staff were super.

To whom might you recommend this retreat (at Blue Osa) or other retreats with Joanna?

I would recommend it to my friends in Toronto, Canada.   We are active, fun loving, curious and the folks on this trip were like that.