Jessica Blackburn Testimonial

Jessica Blackburn, Age 39  |  Cashmere, WA

Please describe your retreat experience considering the expectations you had when you registered.

I made the choice to attend this retreat [Blue Osa, Costa Rica 2017] mostly because I wanted an adventure and love yoga.  I’m a mom of a young child and needed a vacation about me, not the family.  To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect but chose to be open minded and try new things while at the retreat.  I had no meditation experience and the thought of silence until 7:30 was beyond my comfort zone.  On the first morning when the silence was broken I understood the importance of embracing the experience.  This retreat exceeded all expectations thanks to the wonderful people and teacher!

What aspects or components of the retreat did you most enjoy and why? (Sunrise meditation, Morning Silence, Writing “assignments”, Morning Yoga, Workshops, Afternoon Yoga, Evening Meditation)

Surprisingly, the morning sunrise meditation was my favorite time.  It was a great way to start each day.  The morning yoga class came in a very close second.  Joanna does such a great job of making a 2 hour session feel wonderful and different each day.

What is one lesson (or more!) that you will take away from your experience?

I have learned how important it is to disconnect from the gadgets we have all around us each day.  Put down the phone, step away from the computer and really experience life.  Enjoy the sounds, the laughter, the people around you!

Describe your experience with the other retreat participants.

The new friends I have found here truly made the retreat a success.  So many wonderful, caring people who shared their energy and laughter. 

Would you like to comment on the location – Blue Osa – the food, excursions, surrounding area, rooms, common areas, yoga space, pool, beach?

Blue Osa is a beautiful resort.  Great, friendly staff were always ready to help make you comfortable.  The food was wonderful and perfect for a yoga retreat. 

To whom might you recommend this retreat (at Blue Osa) or other retreats with Joanna?

I would recommend this retreat for the person going through a tough time and needing some time away, the person needing adventure or the person who just wants to spend time with new or old friends… while doing yoga of course!