Kathleen Sheets Testimonial

Kathleen Sheets, 54  |  Bremerton, WA

Kathleen is a seasoned yoga teacher and practitioner who leads retreats herself. She was accompanied on the retreat by one of her own students.

Please describe your retreat experience considering the expectations you had when you registered.

When I registered almost a year ago I thought it sounded exciting to go to Costa Rica & practice yoga. I was looking forward to a getting away. But in the months leading up to the retreat I  started feeling stuck in my life, I was wrapped up in current events then I was sick for a month. Through the darkness of winter my own practiced waned, I was scattered and distracted. As I prepared to go I set my intention as a time to re-set and rededicate to my practice and in how I was moving through my day to day life.

What aspects or components of the retreat did you most enjoy and why? (Sunrise meditation, Morning Silence, Writing “assignments”, Morning Yoga, Workshops, Afternoon Yoga, Evening Meditation)

I enjoyed both meditations, in particular the sunrise. I found myself looking forward to getting up as I prepared for bed. Moving from the sunrise to the writing and staying in silence made it more meaningful to me. I liked ending the day with a sit with the group.

What is one lesson (or more!) that you will take away from your experience?

As a yoga teacher I have times where I lose the essence of my own practice as I am caught up in preparing practices for my students. The retreat has taught me to take time for my own practice and nourish my spirit with the powerful practices of yoga. I particularly enjoyed doing movement patterns that were new to me and practicing poses that were familiar in a joyful and freeing way.

Describe your experience with the other retreat participants.

As a natural introvert it can be a little intimidating meeting a new group of people. But I found everybody to be open and friendly. I like making little connections with individuals and sharing a little bit of each others story. While everybody may not mesh and wouldn’t necessarily be friends outside of this environment it was nice to make even a little connection and learn something from each person.

Would you like to comment on the location – Blue Osa – the food, excursions, surrounding area, rooms, common areas, yoga space, pool, beach?

I was so impressed with the details that went in to the whole experience from the lovely rooms to the exquisite food and the charming cooks. i loved that the beach was private and not dotted with other hotels and filled with people. The grounds were beautiful and they seemed to think of every aspect of a lovely retreat.

To whom might you recommend this retreat (at Blue Osa) or other retreats with Joanna?

I would recommend a retreat for any level of practitioner and especially other teachers. Taking time for self study, contemplation, learning something new about yoga and about yourself.

Anything else?

This is exactly what I needed in a time in my life when I’ve been feeling stuck and a little dark. It’s been such a joy. My intention was re-set, rededicate and rebirth and i think I will carry my experience with me when I return too my life and many responsibilities. It’s been an absolute joy for me to be here this week, in this space with these people.