Zondra Schuster Testimonial


Zondra Schuster  |  Leavenworth, WA

Zondra is a regular student in weekly classes in Plain, but she gets “Gold Status” when it comes to retreats. Zondra has attended every week-long retreat since Joanna started offering them in 2012. 

I have attended six different week long retreats with Joanna.  They have all been in interesting places that I probably would not have gone to if it wasn’t for the retreat.

I always enjoy the group of fellow yoga students and can see the progress we all make in one week.

Joanna does a wonderful job of making sure everyone is included in the activities but is not offended if you have something else you would rather do than attend a yoga class.

I keep coming back because this is the most relaxing week of my year. Great food prepared for you, housekeeping, yoga in beautiful places.  All I have to do is enjoy!